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Executives and professionals are high earning individuals needing to secure their income and maximize their retirement funds.


We provide these individuals with advice in the following areas: 


The need for income replacement typically exceeds what is provided through group life insurance.  We help clients fill that gap to cover their personal obligations and desires.  

Our solutions enable clients to:

  • Ascertain the appropriate amount of coverage needed based upon their financial profile.

  • Obtain coverage not tethered to their present employer or group.

  • Design a portfolio that accomplishes the goals of today, while also providing for continuing the schematic long-term.


Disability insurance products are an integral part of protecting earnings against loss due to accident and/or illness.  To cover high-earning executives and professionals, the need for insurance exceeds the coverage provided by their group policies.  In many instances, traditional disability products are unable to satisfy the needs of these individuals.  In those situations, we guide our clients through the process of acquiring specialty products. 

We use our access to both the traditional and specialty disability markets to:

  • Replace the cost of living expense derived from one's income net of tax.

  • Design long-term coverage with guaranteed level premiums.

  • Negotiate customizable structures with lump sum, monthly, or combination payouts.


In certain instances, life insurance can add value as a supplement to other retirement planning.

The benefits of this strategy are:

  • Higher contribution amounts for high earning individuals.

  • Tax-advantaged growth and distributions.

  • Portability in the event of a career change.

  • Death benefit may satisfy (or help satisfy) other life insurance needs.

  • Protection from creditors and litigation.

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