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Athletes and entertainers present a unique set of challenges for insurance underwriters.  Many traditional products are not available to them due to an increased risk of injury, lifestyle considerations, and even the high-profile nature of the individual.  Within this segment, we supply various specialty solutions to help these clients hedge risks that would otherwise be left exposed. 


These strategies are offered to athletes, their representatives, team management, entertainers, corporations contractually tied to the artist, and other entertainment industry professionals. 


The solutions we provide to this segment include:


Our specialty disability solutions are designed to mitigate risks specific to sports and entertainment talent and associated professionals.  


We provide:

  • High-limit permanent disability coverage.

  • High-limit temporary disability coverage.

  • Key person disability for team/talent management to cover athletes and entertainers.

  • Draft protection coverage to protect against loss of future earnings due to injury.

  • Gap insurance to cover the excess between what is available through the league and what is needed by the athlete.

  • Loss of value protection to protect against an injury costing an athlete a new contract.
  • Lump sum payout options for athletes and entertainers becoming permanently disabled.

  • Specific "own occupation" clause within these contracts.


We offer specialty life insurance solutions to provide athletes, entertainers, and those contractually obligated to them with coverage customized for their needs.

Specifically, we design:

  • High-limit personal income replacement.

  • Short-term pay life insurance customized to fit the athlete or entertainer's current contract.

  • Key person life for franchises and talent management firms to cover athletes and entertainers.

  • Short duration life insurance to bridge the gap needed to underwrite traditional coverage (when available).

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