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We help affluent families preserve, enhance, and transfer their wealth through the use of various insurance strategies.  This enables our clients to maximize the assets left to their family members and/or charitable organizations. 


Our solutions include:


Like any asset, life insurance portfolios require monitoring and occasional reallocation. 


Aside from a client's insurance needs changing, evolving product designs, structuring/funding options, mortality/underwriting considerations, and a more competitive secondary marketplace, all support the argument for a periodic evaluation.

We offer a life insurance portfolio review that provides clients with a comprehensive assessment of their insurance holdings.  Our firm tests the suitability of portfolio structures, on a risk-adjusted basis, and recommends reallocation when and where necessary.  


Life Insurance is not a static item, nor does it exist in a vacuum.  As such, our program is comprised of policy appraisal services, as well as an assessment of current market conditions.

We scrutinize existing policies as well as newly proposed coverage, including potential life settlements.  This is accomplished through the utilization of proprietary analytics dedicated to supporting this process.  

A few examples:

  • Fair Value – Algorithm reveals appropriate monetary demand when internal changes are made to mortality, dividend, and credited interest rates.  This applies to vanishing premium, as well as traditional Whole Life and Universal Life schematics.

  • Comparative Evaluator – Simultaneously compares both similar and dissimilar products (UL/SUL/WL/Term), by type and size, on a risk-adjusted basis.  This offers substantial value as an appraisal device.

  • Longevity Study – Converts chronological age to actuarial age for greater precision.  Solves for best fit adjustment to the mortality curve.  Includes survival and death probabilities, for both single life and survivorship situations. Results are presented both annually and cumulatively.

  • Disaster Relief – A loan rescue feasibility test, including customized solutions to over-loaned and tax-triggering portfolios, is provided to evaluate indebted policies.

  • Capital Budgeting – Cash flow analysis determines proper premium structure to optimize returns.  IRR, MIRR, NPV, RAROR, exhaustion of principal, and other financial/statistical calculations are performed.

  • Monte Carlo Simulation – Both stochastic and deterministic processes are utilized.


Life insurance has its place as an alternative asset - crucial for diversification, and hedging, within an affluent family’s holdings.  As such, we integrate it into investment portfolios to augment our clients' overall return. 

This strategy provides them with:

  • Attractive yields relative to other low beta markets.

  • Returns that are not correlated to traditional market cycles.

  • Advantageous tax treatment.

  • Flexible funding designs.

  • Definable liquidity.

  • Various ownership options.


Estate planning is more than just mitigating a potential tax burden.  It is also about finding the most financially efficient manner to transfer wealth in accordance with the goals of the family.

We utilize life insurance as a tool for:


  • Creating liquidity to fund estate tax commitments.

  • Equalizing inheritance between children, second spouses, and other family members.

  • Protecting inheritance from judgments, creditors, and divorce.

  • Enabling a family to leverage their lifetime gifting capabilities.

  • Anchoring a multi-generational planning strategy.


The best way to protect a family's legacy is to guarantee it.  Life insurance is a vehicle that can do just that.  


We work with clients to:


  • Provide a defined baseline legacy to their heirs.

  • Control how assets are distributed after their passing.

  • Set aside funds for a special needs family member.

  • Recover lost assets should they pass away during a market downturn.


Charitable giving has always been a high priority for our clients.  To maximize the impact of their generosity, we help them integrate life insurance into their plan.


This helps our clients:


  • Endow or augment a family foundation.

  • Guarantee the full bequest to a charity, even in uncertain financial markets.

  • Provide flexibility to their contribution plan.

  • Utilize the product's leveraging capability to enhance their bequests.


For affluent families, long term care exposure has typically meant pondering whether or not to self-insure.  While financial leverage has been hard to find in this space, the advent of new product designs now makes insuring this risk more logical for these clients.

This approach allows affluent families to:


  • Reposition their low interest rate yielding assets into a funded care plan.

  • Gain much greater leverage than with traditional long term care products.

  • Provide liquidity in the event that the client decides to exit the strategy.


As estate tax laws and insurance needs change, affluent families seek alternatives to maintaining present levels of life insurance coverage.  At times, the options of reducing or surrendering portions of the portfolio are discussed.  When these conversations arise, the viability of a life settlement should be vetted.

Our approach to handling these transactions help clients:

  • Obtain a policy appraisal prior to seeking life settlement offers.

  • Secure more liquidity than otherwise provided by way of cash surrender value.

  • Reposition assets held in their life insurance policy to more effective use at that time.

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